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The Alexander Technique helps you to achieve good posture, freedom of movement, easy breathing, confidence, and general well-being, while relieving back pain, neck pain, and general stiffness. It enables you to feel calmer, think more clearly and work more efficiently. It is widely recognized in medical, educational, theatrical, and musical circles as a reliable and effective method of improved performance and increased well-being.

These benefits are achieved through a subtle process that encourages increased awareness of the muscular tensions that restrict you. Standing freely, breathing easily and moving gracefully are natural activities that may have become difficult. Lessons in the Alexander Technique help you to recognize and prevent unnecessary effort that interferes with your ability to stand at your full height with minimum effort.

This awareness serves as a basis for growth, development and improved performance in all spheres of life and enables your full experience of poise, grace, inner calm and general alertness. To book a lesson or for further information email or ring
07956 852303.

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