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Lessons in the Alexander Technique are lessons in self-awareness: the first step in understanding how we cause ourselves pain.  It was the search for a cure for his own sore throat and voice problems that led the 19th century actor FM Alexander to create the technique.  By relearning proper body mechanics, you can relieve pain and begin to achieve your full creative potential.   Stress levels are also reduced. 

So often unnecessary habits of muscular tension are present which create obstacles to moving in an effortless and dynamic way. We are often unaware that we have these muscular tensions.  As we recognise and prevent these unnecessary tensions we learn to stand easily at our full height.  This leads to good posture, freedom of movement, easy breathing, confidence and general well-being.  An added bonus is that our back pain, neck pain and general stiffness are relieved. It helps us to feel calmer and think more clearly.

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