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Breathing and Voice

Robert Macdonald has developed a unique approach to Voice teaching which combines lessons in the Alexander Technique with voicework in which a wide range of vocal, singing and breathing exercises are used. Robert has experience preparing people in all areas of speaking, be it a drama school or theatrical audition, a public address, or an upcoming business presentation. Your voice is housed in the overall framework of your body and all your vocal needs can be traced back to muscular tension. Vocal development in all its aspects – released breathing, vocal support, resonance and range, dynamic articulation, vocal strength and projection all rely on free, dynamic posture. If you have voice problems then postural re-education is an essential part of the solution.

Dynamic posture means that heightened energy and an absence of tension are working together. This leads to co-ordination between vocal support, unconstricted laryngeal functioning and open resonance. Then your voice is ready for exercise and freedom of expression.

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