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Macdonald Media Limited, London 1997 [xii/171 pages, hardback, 240x165mm]

This book is an exposition of the Thesis presented by Robert Macdonald for his Master of Arts Degree at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London. The research involved a study of three cases and investigated the role that the Alexander Technique played in increasing the sensory appreciation employed by the actors and how that changed their vocal functioning and eventual performance of Shakespearean text.

This MA Thesis was inspired by FM Alexander’s original research in which he performed Shakespearean text while observing himself in the mirror. Some of the results of the experiments include:

The Alexander Technique and Sensory Appreciation
Sensory Appreciation, Posture and Vocal Functioning
A discussion of the books of leading voice teachers Clifford Turner, Cicely Berry, Kristin Linklater, and Patsy Rodenburg
Sensory appreciation as a crucial factor in bridging the gap between theory and practice
Could the role of sensory appreciation be considered more deeply by voice teachers?
Sensory Appreciation in the context of actor training and performance

This Action Research Project involved the use of the mirror image and audio-visual feedback, to see what role they played in allowing the actors to become conscious of and reduce their faulty sensory appreciation

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